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Ruby's Cookhouse
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Ruby's Cookhouse

The place with the warmest welcome, the coldest drinks and the best 'undo the top button of your pants' food.

  • 583 John Street North
Aylmer, Ontario N5H 2B6
  • Telephone: (519) 773 8786
Email: info [snail] rubyscookhouse [period] com
  • The Legend Behind the Name Ruby's Cookhouse
In the early 1800's a young school marm, Ruby, from the New England States, loaded up a covered wagon and joined a wagon train bound for the west. Heading into the plains of Kansas, Ruby's wagon broke an axle on the rough terrain. Knowing there would be other wagons and people to follow, Ruby checked her supplies and set up camp. The travelers always received a warm Ruby welcome, the heartiest homemade bowl of soup and the tastiest herb-roasted chicken they could ever imagine.
And so became Ruby's Cookhouse.
To this day, just outside of Topeka, Kansas along the old trail route where Interstate 73 runs south toward Arkansas stands the original Ruby's Cookhouse. Travelers from then and now know that Ruby's Cookhouse is the place with the warmest welcome, the coldest drinks and the best 'undo the top button of your pants' food.
"So come on in, stay a while and taste a piece of history"!!

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46 Talbot Street West
Aylmer, Ontario N5H 1J7
Tel: (519) 773-3164
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