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Aylmer Pool

The Pool has been in Aylmer since 1944, but it wasn't always a pool...

The present pool, located at 7 Myrtle Street in Aylmer was actually used as a reservoir for the waterworks system back in the 1930's. Water was pumped from Caverly's pond on Caverly Road, to the reservoir, and then pumped through the mains to provide fire protection and water for houses and industries. Public Health officials made the Town close the use of the reservoir. It was then converted into a swimming pool in 1944, with a change house added in 1947.

We have a brand new Bath House (the first since 1967!). It is completely wheelchair accessible including our washrooms and showers. The Aylmer Pool also has a chair lift for any persons who are immobilized so that they can be immersed in the water and be interactive with everyone around them.

The Aylmer Pool is used thoroughly all summer long providing a space for the public to cool off, and for the little ones to learn how to swim.

This summer, cool off on a hot day at the Aylmer Pool.

For pool programming and swimming lessons contact:

Aylmer Community Services

All programs are operated through the YWCA.

Aylmer Pool - YWCA Program Schedule for 2019

Free Swimming in Aylmer!
Free Swimming at the Aylmer Pool

During the summer, Tim Hortons' Restaurant Owners are proud to sponsor Free Summer Swimming at the Aylmer Pool!

Aylmer Pool Bathhouse New Bath House
  • New black vinyl coated fencing
  • 2 new aluminium bleachers with backrests
  • 2 benches just off the walking trail
  • Playground equipment in close proximity to the pool
  • Mature shade trees in Balmoral Park just a few steps from the pool
  • Peaceful and fun for all ages.
Facts about our pool, Aylmer Ontario Facts about our Pool
  • Swimming is an all age's activity and the perfect form of exercise
  • Main pool is 141' x 50' holds 1,368,069 litres of water
  • Diving well 35' x 35' x 12' holds 417,341 litres of water (2 diving boards)
  • Wading pool 35' x 18' x 2' hold 35,772 litres of water
  • 1,821,182 total litres of water


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