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Spicer’s Bakery

20 Talbot St W Aylmer, Ontario

(519) 773-8404

Whether it is Bread, Pies, Pastries, Squares, Cookies or The Best Donuts your taste buds will ever touch, your mouth will thank you for the treat.

In 1950 Dave Spicer opened up a little Bakery in Aylmer Ontario, simply named Spicer’s Bakery. It began as a small bakery with a big following. Over the years customers have come to expect great quality baked goods and donuts at a reasonable price.

In 2005 Dave retired, leaving his recipes in the skilled hands of former Rocket Scientist Steve Nakonecznyj {If you are going to trust anyone with time honoured recipes, who better then a Rocket Scientist}

With his hard working wife Tracy by his side, the Nakonecznyj’s have worked diligently to improve upon the Spicer’s already fantastic products by making healthier choices, such as reducing sugar, salt and trans fat in many of their products.

Spicer’s greatest aspirations are to make the most wholesome and health conscious baked goods and breads while retaining the flavours that make Spicer’s products delectable.

Our products are so wholesome, they’re like getting a hug from grandma.

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