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Meter Access Required Water Meter Replacement Program

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Dear Resident / Business Owner,

The Town of Aylmer is in the process of updating its water meter reading system. ICONIX Waterworks has been contracted by the Town to install the new meter reading equipment. This project is reaching its competition and several meters remain unfinished.

We are contacting some residents, as we have been advised by ICONIX, that they have made several attempts to schedule an appointment but have been unable to gain access to certain properties to install the equipment. If you have scheduled an appointment, please disregard this notice.

Please Contact:

If you have not scheduled an appointment, please contact the ICONIX Call Centre at 1-877-256-4763 to talk to a representative to schedule an appointment. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment using the self-serve portal by visiting Attached is a circular from ICONIX which provides further details regarding the program.

Next Steps:

As the project nears completion, it is vital that ICONIX gains access to the few remaining water meters. The by-law that governs the rules and regulations for the supply, operation, and maintenance of the water system permits the Town to shut off or restrict the supply of water to those properties where the Town requires access. The Town intends to follow the provisions of the by-law to ensure that all the water users have a safe, sustainable, and efficient water system.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work with ICONIX to complete these technology upgrades.


Town of Aylmer

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