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Santa Claus Parade – Message to the Residents and Visitors

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On Saturday, 27th of November 2021, the Aylmer Community will partake in Santa Claus parade in the downtown core. The event organizers have taken all precautionary steps related to traffic and community safety as well as COVID -19 best practices. Aylmer Police, Elected Officials as well as event organizers have worked diligently and collaboratively to ensure safety for all in attendance. This positive community event is for the children and all citizens to enjoy as we enter 2021 holiday season. To ensure prevention of COVID-19 spread, all those in attendance are asked to follow the health guidelines by;

Avoiding crowds as much as possible and maintaining physical distance of two metres from others who are not from your household.

  • If you are unable to maintain 2 metres of physical distance from another individual who is not part of your household then you must wear a face covering as required by O. Reg. 364/20.
  • Staying home if you are feeling ill, even if you have mild symptoms, or if you are in quarantine or self-isolating.
  • Wear a mask outdoors if physical distancing of two metres is not maintained, even if a photo is being taken.
  • Do not congregate or linger. Line up two metres apart from members of other households if waiting.
  • Avoid high-touch surfaces and wash your hands frequently and thoroughly or use hand sanitizer.

This is your community, your event and your duty to protect it! Please do your part by following the guidelines and regulations!

Aylmer Police Service

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