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About the Aylmer Fire Department

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In April 1872, Aylmer Council passes a by-law for the “establishment of a fire brigade”. The village’s first fire brigade was established in 1874 after two fires in May and June of that year destroyed a number of businesses.

The Fire Department of the Town of Aylmer was established by Council in 1891.

As of 2024, the Department is staffed by a full time Fire Chief, full time Fire Coordinator/Public Educator, a part time Deputy Fire Chief and 2 part time training officers supporting 28 firefighters from our modern station located at 323 John Street South in beautiful Aylmer, Ontario.

The Aylmer Fire Station encompasses a large classroom for training and fire education purposes. It’s a perfect setting for public education presentations, station tours and fire prevention events.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Aylmer Fire Department is to provide a range of programs to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants of the Town of Aylmer from the adverse effects of fires or exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or nature.

The Aylmer Fire Department accomplishes this mission by providing safety through education, prevention, and emergency response to protect our community from fires, emergencies, and life-threatening situations by prioritizing public service excellence with the dedication of our paid on-call professional firefighters.

The Aylmer Fire Department focuses on the 3 standard lines of defence for fire safety:

  1. Public Education
  2. Enforcement and Safety Standards
  3. Emergency Response, including:
    • Firefighting
    • Motor vehicle collisions
    • Emergency medical care
    • Hazardous materials awareness response
    • Rescue and
    • Public assistance


Support 1 – 2011 Ford F150
Pumper 2 – 2022 Freightliner

1250 gpm pump
1325 gals water
40 gals foam

Pumper 3 – 2020 Freightliner

1250 gpm pump
500 gals water
40 gals foam

Pumper 4 – 1998 International

1250 gpm pump
900 gals water
30 gals foam

Ladder 5 – 2003 – E-ONE 95 Foot Midmount Platform

2000 gpm pump
200 gals water

Rescue 6 – 2002 Freightliner
Foam Trailer 1

500 gals Class B Foam
Spill Containment Equipment

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