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Development Charges

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Background Information

Development Charges are fees imposed on land development and re-development projects to help pay for the capital costs of growth-related infrastructure and other municipal services that are needed to support new development. The Development Charges Act provides the legislative authority for the collection of Development Charges. Development Charges are intended to ease the financial burden on existing taxpayers based on a scenario where growth pays for growth.

Town of Aylmer By-law 78-21, being a By-law to establish Development Charges for the Town, was passed by Council on December 15, 2021, with fee changes applicable for the period beginning on January 1, 2022 and ending on December 31, 2026.

The Development Charges By-law applies to all lands within the Town of Aylmer. Development Charges are payable at the time of building permit issuance, or as otherwise specified within the By-law.

Schedule of Residential Development Charges

Dwelling Unit TypeCharge per Residential Unit
Single and Semi-Detached Dwellings$ 20,008
Other Multiples$ 17,531
Apartments – 2 Bedrooms +$ 12,281
Apartments – Bachelor + 1 Bedroom$  7,868

*Indexed to 2024 Dollars

Schedule of Non-Residential Development Charges 2024

Charge per Sq. Ft of Gross Floor Area
100% of full charge
$ 8.69 per square foot

*Indexed to 2024 Dollars

Supplementary Information

Local Services and 2024 Indexed Rates

Service/ Class of ServiceSingle and Semi- DetachedOther MultiplesApt. 2 Bedrooms +Apt. >2 BedroomsNon- Residential
Per sq. ft. GFA*
Services Related to a Highway3,9523,4622,4251,5542.20
Public Works7366464512890.41
Fire Protection Services1,8611,6311,1427321.03
Policing Services9778566003840.54
Parks and Recreation Services4,5443,9812,7891,7870.36
Library Services3372962061320.03
Growth Studies4684102881840.23
Wastewater Services3,9703,4782,4361,5612.16
Water Services3,1632,7711,9421,2441.72
TOTAL ($)$ 20,00817,53112,2817,8688.69

*Denotes full charge

Rate Freezes, Reductions and Exemptions from Development Charges Charges for developments occurring within two (2) years of a Site Plan or Zoning By-law Amendment approval (applications made after January 1, 2020) will be subject to the rates in effect at the time of application.

Reductions or exemption from Development Charges may be applicable where residential intensification and re-development, or limited industrial expansion, is proposed. Contact Town staff to determine if reductions or exemptions would apply to your development.

Alternative Payment Agreements and Interest Rate

Certain development types may request an alternative Development Charge payment schedule. For affordable (non-profit) housing, Development Charges are due and payable in 21 equal annual payments. For rental housing and certain institutional developments, Developments are due and payable in 6 equal annual payments. Installment payments are subject to the annual interest rate established in the Town’s Interest Rate Policy.

Annual Indexing of Development Charges

Indexing Development Charges helps to mitigate the impact of inflationary increases on future growth-related capital costs. Indexing is intended to reflect changes to construction cost increases. Development Charge Rates will be indexed annually as prescribed by the Development Charges Act and Regulation.

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