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Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

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2021 Updates

Affordable Housing

The Community Improvement Plan was updated by introducing the ability to provide grants to support the development of affordable housing projects outside of the downtown area. The new Community Improvement Project Area will apply to all lands within the Town of Aylmer and is intended to incentivize housing and residential development initiatives targeted to increasing general affordability and rental supply.


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Application Form

Staff are in the process of updating the application form. Please use the existing application form available below and contact staff for more information.

General Information 

The CIP programs which incentivize the development of new affordable rental units have a specific set of conditions. These conditions help ensure that these units will remain affordable rather than turning over into “unaffordable” market rate housing stock, thereby returning longterm affordable housing benefits to the community. In addition to the conditions outlined in the CIP, the following conditions apply to applicants who apply for incentives related to the provision of affordable housing units:

  1. With respect to incentives related to the provision of affordable rental housing, in order to receive the benefits eligible applicants will be required to enter into an agreement with the Town made with the following considerations:
    • Every development which receives a benefit through the program(s) shall have units that meet the program’s Guideline on Affordable Rental Rates, as amended from time to time;
    • Developers will be encouraged to submit applications with at least 20% of units at market value or below;
    • The agreement must be registered on title, and the cost of doing so is the applicant’s responsibility or property owner’s responsibility;
    • The agreement will be binding on the owner’s heirs, successors and assigns, as well as binding on a transferee if the property changes hands;
    • The housing provider must annually provide a statement to the Town of Aylmer Planning staff confirming that each unit remains affordable;
    • If the housing provider does not carry out its obligations under the agreement, the housing provider shall pay to the Town the entire amount of benefits conveyed under the agreement, together with any applicable costs and interest; The agreement will contain such other contractual provisions which are required to be inserted based on fundamental contractual drafting principles satisfactory to the Town of Aylmer and,
    • Other reasonable requirements and conditions will be included in the agreement on a project-specific basis.
  2. Each year the applicant is expected to provide unequivocal proof that each rental unit is provided in accordance with the definition of affordable rental unit in order to receive the rebate. This unequivocal proof may take the form of a signed lease agreement showing the name of the lessee and the affordable rental rate, along with copies of cleared cheques from the lessee proving that the rent paid matches the affordable rental rate on the lease. If multiple affordable rental units are approved for the financial incentive, then unequivocal proof must be provided for each unit.

Site Selection Criteria

Community Improvement for Affordable housing upholds three site selection criteria as outlined Section 5.3.4 of the Town of Aylmer Official Plan:

  1. A portion of the area’s housing stock is in need of rehabilitation, whether interior or exterior;
  2. That the phasing of improvements is within the financial capability of the Town;
  3. For any other environmental, social or community economic development reasons, in conformity with the policies of the County of Elgin Official Plan and this Plan;

Notwithstanding the Town-wide designation of a Community Improvement Area for Affordable Housing, all applications must correct zoning for the proposed development in place at the time of application.


  1. Provide a catalyst to bring greater investment in affordable housing to the Town of Aylmer;
  2. Provide an incentive to new developers to include affordable housing units in developments;
  3. To address the known shortfall of housing affordability in the Town of Aylmer.

Façade Improvement Form Update

The Façade Improvement Program received updates in 2021 to improve the registration process and disbursement of funds. In 2012, the Town of Aylmer approved a local Community Improvement Plan including the Façade Improvement Program. The program provides a grant of up to 50% of the costs of external upgrades to buildings, signs, windows and lights. The new application can be completed and submitted electronically; upon approval of applications by council and entrance of an agreement with the Town, funding be released immediately to the successful applicant.

Completed applications can be submitted by email.

Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

In 2012, the Town of Aylmer approved a local Community Improvement Plan. The plan encourages the conservation, rehabilitation, and redevelopment of the identified Community Improvement Project Areas. The plan identifies three Community Improvement Areas including the Downtown Core, the Former Carnation Site, and the Fairgrounds/Old Arena Site in which programs of conservation, rehabilitation, or transformation may be carried out in accordance with the Planning Act.

The Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a powerful tool which allows funds and policy initiatives toward a specifically defined project area or areas. The intent of the CIP is to encourage the rehabilitation of lands and buildings and/or the stimulation of development. Once implemented, the CIP allows Council to provide grants to assist in the rehabilitation of lands and/or buildings within a defined project area or areas in compliance with the goals and objectives of the Official Plan and Provincial Policy Statement.

Community Improvement as defined by the Planning Act means the “planning or replanning, design or redesign, resubdivision, clearance, development or redevelopment, construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation, improvement of energy efficiency, or any of them, of a community improvement project area, and the provision of such residential, commercial, industrial, public, recreational, institutional, religious, charitable or other uses, buildings, works, improvements or facilities, or spaces therefore, as may be appropriate or necessary.

Designated Community Improvement Plan Areas

Community Improvement Plan Areas outlining the Downtown, Former Carnation Site, and Fairgrounds

Previous Awards Under the Community Improvement Plan

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