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Taxation Frequently Asked Questions

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1. I’m a new home/property owner and haven’t received a tax bill – how do I know the amount of taxes I owe on the property?

If you purchased an existing home, the amount of taxes you are responsible for, at the time of closing, is shown on the ‘Statement of Adjustments’ prepared by the lawyers to close the sale/purchase of the property. Your lawyer should provide you with a tax certificate from our office which also states any future installments due from previous billings. If you have not received a tax certificate it is advisable to contact the Treasury Department to confirm the outstanding amount and due date of the taxes and to verify that our records reflect the new ownership. All outstanding taxes are payable to the Town of Aylmer.

If you purchased a new property, and are building a home, refer to the Statement of Adjustments prepared by your lawyer. This statement will indicate the amount of taxes you are responsible for, at the time of closing – for the land only. On the next scheduled mailing of tax bills, you should receive a bill for the current year’s taxes on the land only. When the house is complete, and has been assessed, you will receive a supplementary tax bill for the amount of taxes owing for the ‘house’ portion of the total assessment. It is advisable to plan ahead and budget for this supplementary bill to avoid an unexpected additional expense. We are available to assist you with any property tax related matters you might have while building a new home and can help you estimate the amount of taxes that will be due when your home is complete.

Please note that you should contact the tax office if you have any concern about taxes due subsequent to the closing of your transaction.

2. I did not receive a tax bill, why are you charging me interest for non-payment?

The Town of Aylmer mails out tax bills twice a year to each property roll number. The Treasury Department takes every reasonable step to ensure that the property owners at the time of mailing receive a tax bill. In addition, it is the responsibility of the property owner to have knowledge of the amount of the taxes on the property and the due dates of the payments. Please telephone the Tax Department at (519) 773-3164 ext: 4904 if you require any information on your tax account.

3. I would like to sign up for the monthly pre-authorized payment plan. When can I do this? How can I do this?

The 10-month and installment pre-authorized payment plan (PAP) is currently available on tax accounts that do not have a balance owing. You can sign up at any time. A form is available from the Treasury Department, or print one from below and bring the form with a cheque marked VOID into our office. It is important to cancel the pre-authorized payment at the earliest time following a change in finances or the sale of your property.

If your account is in arrears and you are interested in enrolling in our monthly budget plan please call the Treasury Department at (519) 773-3164 ext: 4904 for information, or complete the application below.

4. I pay my taxes through my mortgage company and am renewing my mortgage with a different company – what should I do?

Tax Bills are sent to all property owners regardless of who pays the taxes. If we have record of a mortgage company on file who is paying the taxes we also send a listing to the mortgage company. Payment of the property taxes are the responsibility of the property owner. If the mortgage company listed on the tax bill is not correct it is the responsibility of the property owner to either pay the tax amount due or forward the bill to the current mortgage company and ensure payment is received by the due date.

5. I sold my property last year, but I need to know the amount of taxes that I paid for income tax purposes.

Refer to the Statement of Adjustments that you received from your lawyer when you sold. It should clearly indicate the amount of taxes you paid, and will differ from the actual payments you made to the Town. A copy of this Statement should be acceptable as a receipt for your income taxes.

6. What is a vacancy rebate?

A vacancy rebate is a pro-rated rebate of property tax available to commercial and/or industrial ratepayers who are not using or unable to use all or a portion of their business property for a period of at least 90 consecutive days. See the section on Vacancy Rebate for further information. Please note that a Vacancy Rebate is not available for residential and multi-residential properties.

If you have further questions about your property tax, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (519) 773-3164 ext: 4904. We are here to provide assistance to you and we understand that tax matters can sometimes seem complicated. We are committed to helping you to the best of our abilities.

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