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Aylmer Council Issues Fundraising Challenge for Aylmer-Malahide Museum Archives (AMMA)

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Aylmer, ON – May 10, 2022

The Town of Aylmer is excited to be a sponsor of the AMMA’s capital redevelopment at their new location, 75 Talbot Street East, Aylmer. The Town has made an initial commitment, in principle, of $150,000 towards the project from proceeds of the future sale of 14 East Street, Aylmer, which is the current AMMA location.

Fundraising Challenge

In addition to the Town of Aylmer’s $150,000 capital contribution toward the new 75 Talbot Street East facility, the Town of Aylmer has committed to match capital fundraising contributions from the Township of Malahide and County of Elgin, up to the total net proceeds of the sale of 14 East Street.


In May of 2002, the Town of Aylmer transferred 14 East Street to the AMMA. This transfer was completed for a nominal fee and contained a restrictive covenant respecting future disposition.

In 2022, Aylmer Council began discussions with the AMMA respecting their intention to dispose of 14 East Street. This led to the agreement in principle that the Town would allocate $150,000 in future proceeds from the sale of 14 East Street to the AMMA’s capital project. In addition, Council approved the issuance of a fundraising challenge to support the AMMA accessing the total net proceeds of 14 East Street.

Cultural institutions, such as the AMMA, preserve our past and help us understand our shared identity. They provide valuable education along with a sense of understanding to future generations.

The Town of Aylmer is proud to support the AMMA’s mission to “preserve, present and promote the history of Aylmer and Malahide.” The Town is hopeful that the Township of Malahide and Elgin County will take the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to this fundraising campaign.

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