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Proclamations – October 2021

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Wrongful Conviction Day

WHEREAS, the loss of one’s freedom due to a wrongful conviction is a major human rights issue that has far-reaching effects; and

WHEREAS the pernicious effects of wrongful convictions, including but not limited but not limited to personal, social, and legal cost devastate individuals and societies as a whole; and

WHEREAS wrongful convictions are serious miscarriages of justice that call into question the legitimacy, integrity and fairness of our criminal justice system, and unless corrected, undermine the trust of societies in their criminal justice systems; and

WHEREAS it is important to inform the broader community on the causes, consequences, and complications associated with wrongful criminal convictions; and

WHEREAS the prevention of injustice is a valuable service to the citizens of this community; and

WHEREAS it is deemed desirable to designate one-day set aside to recognize and pay special tribute to those forced to endure the tremendous consequences brought by flaws within our justice system and focus on and discuss the causes and remedies concerning wrongful convictions.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mayor Mary French, on behalf of the Town of Aylmer Council, do hereby proclaim October 2, 2021, as “Wrongful Conviction Day” in the Town of Aylmer.

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