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Town appoints new Directors and Town Clerk

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The Town of Aylmer is pleased to announce the appointment of Terry Koning to the position of Director of Infrastructure. Terry, currently serving as the Associate Director of Infrastructure and Operations, will oversee services and staff related to planning, development, building, by-law, and facilities.

Secondly, the Town of Aylmer is pleased to announce the appointment of Owen Jaggard to the role of Director of Legislative Services/Clerk. Owen, currently serving as the Deputy Clerk/Manager of Information Services, will now be responsible for overseeing the services and staff related to information services, legislative services, communications, and IT. Additionally, the Director of Legislative Services/Clerk is responsible for the statutory duties of the Municipal Clerk.

These changes were responsive to the departure of the Director of Corporate and Legislative services to serve as a Chief Administrative Officer in an Oxford County municipality. The changes take affect December 17 and formal appointment will be confirmed by By-Law at the January 10, 2024, meeting of Council.

“Council and I are looking forward to the Town continuing to benefit from Terry and Owen’s extensive experience, expertise, and leadership in their new roles” said Andy Grozelle, Town of Aylmer Chief Administrative Officer.

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