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Municipal Grants and Donations

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Municipal Grants and Donations

Municipal Grants and Donations

The Town of Aylmer recognizes the valued contributions being provided through the volunteer efforts of community organizations and agencies on behalf of the citizens. Corporate grant funding demonstrates Council’s commitment to working with groups which provide these beneficial programs, services or events to the community, while at the same time recognizing the financial constraints impacting the Town’s ability to provide funding to these groups.

Applications for funding in 2024 are due September 30th, 2023.

Application Form

Grants – Municipal Program Policy

The Municipal Grants policy establishes eligibility requirements, identifies the types of funding available, and outlines application and monitoring requirements.

Preference will be given to organizations that demonstrate community support, efficient use of resources, sound business practices and develop volunteer knowledge, skills and self reliance.

Types of Grants

The different types of grants awarded under the Municipal Grants Program are as follows:

Community Project – A Community Project Grant is defined as one-time assistance either as:

  1. seed funding for the start-up of an organization/ project; or,
  2. funds for a short-term undertaking with a start-up and completion date; or,
  3. loan guarantees to assist an organization in acquiring the financial assistance from a financial institution needed to support the construction of a project or support for a specific project.

Corporate – A Corporate Grant is defined as operating funding to assist with the general operating expenses of the recipient, including administrative costs and program-related funding. 

In-Kind Contributions – An In-Kind Contribution is based on the provision of municipal property/ facilities, materials or resources to an applicant, and do not include the provision of cash funds to, or on behalf of the applicant. While cash funds are not provided in relation to these grants, it is recognized that such grants will involve either an expense or foregone revenue for the municipality. Each application for In-Kind contribution grants will include the estimated value of the application under consideration.

Community Events – Community Events are defined as a recurring event or a one-time or first-time event that is of cultural, social or recreational significance to the community and which may have the participation of more than one organization and is open to all members of the public.


An applicant must meet the following general criteria in order to be considered for a Town of Aylmer grant:

  • Grants are awarded on a project to project basis;
  • There can only be one application per organization/ project;
  • Grant applicants should be able to demonstrate active fundraising efforts to support the continuation of a program, project or service;
  • A grant from the Town of Aylmer should not be considered as the primary source of funding for the organization;
  • Funding requests can be defined as events/projects/programs that support, sustain, promote, inform, educate, celebrate, preserve, and/or provide access to the arts, culture, environment, heritage, recreation and/or health activities;
  • Request for financial assistance for events of a municipal, provincial or national significance which would be expected to bring economic and/or public relations benefits to the Town;
  • Each application must demonstrate there is a need for financial assistance and that adequate funding from other sources is not available;
  • Individuals are not eligible to apply;
  • Funding will not be approved for any organization’s accumulated deficits or funding shortfalls. Financial assistance consideration is based only on budget revenues and expenditures in the year for which the assistance is requested;
  • The applicant organization must spend the grant funding on the sole purpose for which it was awarded within the fiscal year for which it is awarded;
  • Applicants will be deemed ineligible from future grants if they fail to provide written confirmation of how and where the grant funds awarded in previous years were expended.

Application Submission

All grant applications shall be directed to the Clerks Department on or before September 30th of 2023 to ensure they are incorporated in the annual budget deliberations. Exemptions may be granted at the discretion of Council. Only one grant request per organization per year will be considered. All applications shall be submitted on the Grant Application form together with the following information and documentation:

  1. A detailed proposed budget for the fiscal year that the grant is being applied for, detailing expenditures and revenues, including a list of all other sources of funding and/or grants/donations;
  2. Formal financial statements from the preceding fiscal year which will include:
    i) Statement of Financial Position – signed by two directors
    ii) Statement of Revenue and Expenditures
  3. Listing of the current Board of Directors including contact information;
  4. A copy of the most recent annual general meeting (AGM) minutes, if available.
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