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Fire Inspection and Enforcement

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Fire Inspection and Enforcement

Aylmer Fire Department delivers inspection services in 3 manners:

  1. Request
  2. Complaints
  3. Licensing

On March 1st, 2006, changes to the Ontario Fire Code regarding smoke alarms became law. Failure to comply with the Ontario Fire Code requirements regarding smoke alarms could result in fines ranging from $360.00 to $50,000.00 for individuals, or up to $100,000.00 for Corporations.

Online Services

Aylmer Fire Department can conduct a fire inspection to ensure that a property is in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code in order to provide a safe environment for the occupants of that building.

Fire Code Inspection Request

Aylmer Fire Department will provide a file search for any outstanding Ontario Fire Code violations against the property. To request a file search, we will require written authorization from the current owner giving us permission to conduct the search.

Property File Search Request

Submit emergency contact information for your business and/or a fire safety plan using the form below.

A fire safety plan is a vital step in taking the proper procedures to keeping your building safe in the event of an emergency.

Some “form” of a fire safety plan is required for almost all buildings in Ontario, and a copy of that plan is required to be provided to the fire service and on site; typically through a fire safety plan box.

This plan provides the building Owners, Managers, Staff and Occupants with a detailed understanding of the life safety systems installed and how they function. The plan also lists the maintenance, testing and inspection schedules of the buildings life safety systems for the building operations team. In fact, your fire safety plan assigns roles and responsibilities to everyone in the building, not just building staff.

Sample Fire Safety Plan

Use the Property Notes Form to add property notes such as superintendent contact information and a Fire Safety Plan.

Property Notes Form

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