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Town seeking applicants for Land Division Committee appointment

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The Council of the Town of Aylmer is seeking applicants to recommend for appointment to the Elgin County Land Division Committee.

The Planning Act provides a process for minor land division request called the granting of consent. The approval authority for a consent applications is the Elgin County Land Division Committee.

As the approval authority for consents, the Council of the County of Elgin may by by-law appoint a land division committee composed of such persons, not fewer than three, as the council considered advisable. Pursuant to a resolution passed in confirming By-Law 14-19, the Elgin County LDC is composed of seven members with one appointee coming from each local municipality in Elgin County. The Town of Aylmer is seeking applicants to serve as the Town’s local representative:

The application form is available online at:

If you wish to complete a physical copy of the application, attend Townhall and request the form.

The criteria for appointment is that the recommended person must be resident of the Town of Aylmer. An appointee is permitted to be an elected member of your local Council (including Mayor or Deputy Mayors that form part of County Council, as may be applicable) or an unelected member of the community. Once appointed, the Planning Act sets out that the term of the appointment is the same as the term of County Council if the appointee is not a member of County Council, and one year if the appointee is a member of County Council. A Chair of the Committee is appointed by the Committee annually. If any vacancies occur mid-term, a new recommendation from the local municipality that no longer has representation on the LDC will be solicited by the County.

Elgin County Council has discretion on whether or not to appoint the recommended individual to the LDC.

Training and orientation for all members of the LDC will be provided prior to the first public meeting of the new term.

  • The LDC meets once per month, typically the last Wednesday of the month for a half day beginning at 9am.
  • Committee remuneration is paid at a rate of $150.00 per half day meeting and $300.00 for full-day meetings.
  • Mileage to and from the County office is reimbursed.
  • Expenses including parking, meals and accommodation is reimbursed for attending conferences for Committee business such as those hosted by OACA (Ontario Association of Committees of Adjustment & Consent Authorities).
  • Orientation will include information on relevant planning legislation and principles, including the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS), County of Elgin Official Plan (CEOP), and Planning Act.
  • Committee meetings are typically held at the County Administration Building and are open to the public in a hybrid in-person and virtual format with recordings of meeting being posted to the County Facebook and YouTube pages.
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