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Waste Collection Services

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The Town received several calls about waste collection services over the last week and staff want to provide some additional information for the public. Specific feedback on arrival times, blue-box handling, and truck operations has been past onto the service provider. Staff will be monitoring these points. Please note the following:

First, the garbage truck and the recycling truck currently look similar, but garbage and recyclables continue to be picked up in different vehicles. Recyclables need to be sorted – the trucks have separate deposit point for papers and containers. The service provider has reported they will be transitioning to new vehicles which will look visually distinct in the future.

Second, there may be some variance in arrival times as the new service provider adjusts the pickup route for efficiency. Once these adjustments are completed, the Town will provide notice to residents. As a rule of thumb, residential units need to put out waste before 7:00am and businesses should aim to have their waste out before 6:00-6:30am.

For issues with collection services, you can contact Miller Waste System at 519-668-0072 or Town of Aylmer staff at 519-773-4909.

Staff appreciate receiving your feedback and we are actively following community discussions on Facebook. Staff are committed to service improvements and your feedback is a valuable indicator of where improvements can be made.  

An image displaying appropriate sorting of recyclables and garbage within the Town of Aylmer.
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