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Council and Committee Meetings

Regular Council meetings will be held on the 1st, and 3rd Wednesday of each month. When the day for a Regular Council meeting is a public or civic holiday, the meeting will not be held on that day. Council will hold Regular Council meetings on the second Wednesday of the months of July and August at 5:30 p.m. Special Council meetings are held as required.

Town Meetings are streamed live on the Town of Aylmer YouTube page.

The remaining meeting in 2022 are the following:
Special Council – October 5, 2022
Inaugural Council – Wednesday, November 16
Regular Council – Wednesday, December 7
Regular Council – Wednesday, December 21

Council Procedure By-law:

Municipal Councils must conduct business only at meetings that are open to the public but there are some exceptions where we have closed meetings.

Members of the public have the right to complain if they feel the Municipality held a closed meeting that did not follow the rules/ exemptions listed in the Municipal Act, 2001, Section 239.2 (1) or with any procedure By-laws under Subsection 238 (2).

Effecitve January 1, 2022, the Town of Aylmer has appointed the Ontario Ombudsman as the Closed Meeting Investigator. If any complaints are received by the public about closed meetings, the Closed Meeting Investigator duties will include:

  • Conducting an investigation when a complaint is received about a meeting or part of a meeting that is closed to the public
  • Determine whether the meeting complied with the Municipal Act/Municipal Procedure By-law
  • Report the results of the investigation

How to Submit a Complaint:

Any corporation or member of the public can submit a complaint to the investigator about a meeting or part of a meeting that is closed to the public. Complaints are always confidential. To submit a complaint, follow these steps:

  1. To submit a complaint, please click on the following link:
  2. For more information regarding the Complaint process, please click on the following link:
  3. Complete the form including ALL information fields. Provide as much information as possible. If you do not complete the form the investigator will not accept it.

Municipal staff must not see or forward complaints. Only the investigator should receive complaints.

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Council and Committee meetings are open to the public. Everyone is welcome to attend. See the following Delegations information.

Individuals or delegations wishing to address Council are asked to submit the request in writing, to the Clerk, by the Agenda deadline, or sooner. It is important to outline details of the delegation request, and to include supporting documentation, in advance of the meeting so that this information will be included on the Agenda. It is suggested that all groups appoint one person to act as a spokesperson.

Excerpt from the Town’s Procedural By-law, as amended.

Delegations and Public Meetings:

  • Notice shall be given to the Clerk, in writing, before the time for distribution of the meeting agenda
  • The subject of the said presentation shall be added to the agenda to indicate the purpose of the appeal to Council.
  • Such persons shall be heard by leave of the presiding officer of Council
  • Time shall be limited to speaking to not more than ten minutes duration.
  • A delegation consisting of more than five persons shall be limited to two speakers, each limited to speaking no more than ten minutes.
  • The Clerk shall provide all Delegations with a copy of the By-Law relating to these procedures regarding presentations to Council.
  • Public meetings required to be held under municipal by-laws or provincial or federal legislation will be held at this point in the agenda.
  • If other legislated rules or procedures apply to those meetings, those procedures will be used.
  • In the absence of other defined rules or procedures, public meetings will be chaired by the Presiding Officer who will hear from each member of the public who wishes to speak.
  • Each person will be allowed no more than 5 minutes to speak and shall speak only once.
  • Following the public input, Councillors may ask questions of the public presenters or staff but the topic shall not be debated until after all public input and questions have been received.

Director of Corporate/Legislative Services
Josh Brick
Phone: 519-773-3164 ext:4911
Fax: 519-765-1446
Email: [email protected]

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