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Finance Department

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The Finance Department is responsible to manage the Town’s financial affairs as directed by Town Council. The financial well-being of the Town is ensured through effective and reliable financial policies, advice and information to Council and Town Departments.

The Treasurer is responsible for providing the following financial services:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Budget Development (Operating and Capital)
  • Property Taxation
  • Financial Statements and Performance Measures
  • Investment and Debt Management

Municipal Budget

Financial Information

Finance & Taxation Policies

The Town of Aylmer’s Property Tax Policy is available for download here.

View the Town of Aylmer’s User Fees.

The Town of Aylmer’s Accounts Receivable Collection Policy is available for download here.

The Town of Aylmer’s Purchasing Policy is available for download here.

The Town of Aylmer’s Investment Policy is available for download here.


The 2024 Asset Management Plan has been completed based on the strategic goals, objectives and direction obtained within the Town of Aylmer Strategic Asset Management Policy. This plan has been endorsed by the senior management team of the municipality.

2024 AMP Report Card


2023 Asset Management Plan

Strategic Asset Management Policy

The Town of Aylmer’s Strategic Asset Management Policy can be found here.

Contact Town of Aylmer Staff

46 Talbot Street West, Aylmer, ON N5H 1J7
519-773-3164 ext. 4919

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